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Electrofusion Fitting
Gostaresh is the exclusive distributor for Agru GmbH (Hyperlink) electrofusion joints and fittings. The design of the electrofusion fittings incorporates heating coils to ensure uniform heating during the fusion process, and it results in maximum material bond. 

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Corrugated Pipe
Gostaresh PE double-wall corrugated pipes are manufactured using both P100 and PE80 materials according the customer’s order. The geometrical structure guarantees high deflection resistance, high external load strength, and excellent hydraulic efficiency.  

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PE80 Pipe
Gostaresh PE80 pipes are manufactured using high-density polyethylene pipe materials of the pressure class MRS 8. The technology for the production of PE80 materials is relatively mature and it dates back to the middle of 1970s. The material is produced using second-generation ziegler-natta catalyst. 

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PE100 Pipe
Gostaresh PE100 pipes are manufactured using high quality, polyethylene materials of pressure class MRS 10. The latest PE100 materials production technology employes cascade reactors, in a so-called bimodal or multimodal process.

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