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We at Gostaresh are committed to the highest quality standard for our products and services that we offer to our customers. Our approach to quality has been holistic and we ensure that every stage of our enterprise-from our raw material selection to our customer and product support- undergoes continuous improvement.

In addition to our in-house standard requirements and self-regulations, we have developed an ISO9001 Quality Management System, accredited by an independent inspectorate organization in Switzerland. We have also implemented environmental and occupational health safety management systems, and have obtained the corresponding ISO14001, and ISO18001 respectively. Please visit our accreditation page for more detail.

State-of-the-art Quality Control Laboratory

Our quality control laboratory is an independent testing lab, accredited by Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran, and it also has been accredited with ISO17025 by DAP institute in Germany. We have invested heavily on the testing equipment and on the R&D department of our laboratory, and we have established an organic relationship with the leading academic institutions of this field such as Amir Kabir University of Technology, Department of Polymer Engineering.

Quality Criteria

The quality of our products is determined not only by the extrusion compound, but also by many quality criteria during production. The quality criteria to be observed during our production are followings:
  • In the first stage, the extrusion compound is subjected to incoming goods inspection performed by our QC lab’s staff. Samples are taken and the determinant quality and processing parameters such as melt index, purity, and carbon content are checked and compared with the required delivery specs.

  • Having passed the incoming goods inspection, the extrusion compound is stored in one of our silos in order to be fed to the drying unit for the reduction of the moisture content to less than 0.03%

  • The conveying of the raw material to the extrusion die-set is controlled using the low-tolerance gravimetric systems, in order to ensure the conformity of the dimensions to the requirements of DIN 8074. In actuality, our product’s dimensions tolerance is significantly less than that of DIN 8074.

  • Continuous in-line control takes place during the production using the latest technology in ultrasonic systems. These advanced measuring systems enable us to detect any dimension deviation with the resolution of 1/100 mm, and thus scraping of those pipe that do not meet our physical requirements.

  • For gas and water supply pipes neither reclaimed nor any recycled material is used. For pipes with drainage and sewage systems, we use our own reclaimed material for less than 0.5% of the total compound material.

  • Extensive tests are carried on the pipes by our QC labs according to specific schedules, in order to guarantee the required quality as specified in corresponding EN, ISO, and ASTM standards. Please visit our QC lab page for more details.

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