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- Leader in Polyethylene Piping Systems

Established in 1984, Gostaresh Plastic is a leading manufacturer of PE pipes and fittings with application in Water, Gas, Sewage, Industrial, and Irrigation systems.

With a great commitment to growth and innovation, Gostaresh has been able to expand its production capacity, and to become one of the major regional player in the field of PE piping systems. Today, operating at two plants with the combined manufacturing facilities of 50,000 m2, Gostaresh is the dominant player in the Iranian market and has a sizable market shares in CIS, GCC, and the rest of the Middle East.

-State-of-the-art Manufacturing Technologies

In all the stages of our manufacturing process- from the raw material handling to the finished goods dispatch- we have made significant investment in research and development. Our machinery suppliers include Battenfeld GmbH, Reifenhauser GmbH, and Krauss Maffei GmbH. All our production lines are equipped with advanced automation technologies, and each line is also equipped with ultrasonic and gravimetric systems in order to ensure the highest production quality.

-High Production Capacity, and the Widest Size Range in PE Pipes

Located in the water-scarce region of the Middle East, Gostaresh had foreseen the high demand for modernizing and expanding the water management and irrigation systems in our region, and we continuously made investment to be able to fulfill that demand. As of 2014, we have annual capacity of 70,000 MT, and our product sizes include from 16mm to 2000mm OD, in a variety of pressure ratings. As a result, no matter if the project is a gas distribution network at a municipal level, or water main at national level, we are able to deliver and exceed the expectation of our contractees and customers in a timely manner.

-Polyethylene; the Preferred Material for Pressurized Pipe

Since the introduction of PE pipes in 1955, the material has made a solid record of proving its superiority in comparison with other alternatives for pressurized pipes. The advantages of PE pipe include its strength, lightweight for easy handling, flexibility for easy installation, and its high resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

An enormous amount of capital has been spent on rebuilding the yesterday's infrastructure because of metal and concrete shorter life cycle. Today, with the third-generation, multi-modal technology in producing PE material, PE pipes provide exceptional resistance to slow-crack growth (SCG) and rapid-crack propagation (RCP). Gostaresh pipes are manufactured in premium PE100 grades as listed in PE100+ Quality Material List. The expected service life of our piping systems is 100 years.

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