The area with the highest growth of PE pipes usage is the marine application. Seawater can be very corrosive to metallic piping materials, and PE provides many ReadMore
PE pipes are the most utilized pipelines for irrigation applications. PE pipe irrigation systems consist of two separate pipe components: the main supply line ReadMore
Gostaresh PE double-wall corrugated pipes are available in 125 to 1000mm diameter and they are suitable for non-pressurized, gravity flow applications. ReadMore
Gostaresh HDPE pipe for oil and gas are manufactured using superior black PE100 material and is suitable for many applications in oil and gas industry. ReadMore
Gostaresh produces PE piping systems for water application using both PE80 and PE100 material. Our product sizes in this category have a range from ReadMore
Established in 1984, Gostaresh Plastic is a leading manufacturer of PE pipes and fittings with application in Water, Gas, Sewage, Industrial, and Irrigation systems. With a great commitment to growth and innovation, Gostaresh has been able to expand its production capacity
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