The area with the highest growth of PE pipes usage is the marine application. Seawater can be very corrosive to metallic piping materials, and PE provides many more advantages beside non-corrosiveness. The PE pipes that are utilized in marine applications usually have outer diameters larger than 500mm. Our new plant commissioned in 2010 located in Parand industrial complex is dedicated to large diameter PE pipes. These pipes are specifically manufactured using multi-modal, super low-sagging PE100 material in order to ensure the perfect ovality and smooth surface of the pipe.Our marine pipe products are in compliance with the standard requirements of EN12201, ISO4427, ASTM D2737, and ASTM D3035.
Fields of Application
  • Water transportation
  • River and lake crossing
  • Deep ocean, river, and lake intake
  • Effluent outfall

PE Pipes Advantages in Marine Applications:
Flexibility, Lightweight, and easy handling: PE lightweight reduces the logistical and handling costs in comparison with other traditional materials. Flexibility implies excellent performance at the ocean seabed, where the bedding undergoes shifts due to the strong currents and waves.

Resistance to chemicals and corrosion: PE is the choice in fresh and seawater, where the immunity to galvanic corrosion is the main criteria of the pipe material. The lifetime of PE pipe under the water is virtually unlimited.

Zero-leak, Reliable pipelines: by using the method of butt fusion as the welding process, the mechanical joints requirement is eliminated. The homogeneous welding points will be stronger than the pipe itself.

Floating and Buoyancy: PE density is 96% of the fresh water, and it will float even when it is filled with water. The submersion of the pipe is achieved using concrete ballasts. The buoyancy implies that the pipeline can be assembled offshore, and then tugged along on the water to the point where installation is taking place.

Cost benefits: Studies have shown that the PE pipe systems have the lowest whole life cost which is summation of the cost of components, cost of installation, and the cost of ownership. For more information on this topic, please visit our technical articles section.

Due to the presence of the vertically integrated petrochemical companies, the price of the PE material in GCC region and Iran is lower on average 10-15% than that of NE Asia and Europe. We have a long-established working relationship with major PE producers of the region, and we pass the price advantage of our raw material to the price of the finished products for the benefit of the end-users. Please contact us for more detail.

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