PE pipes are the most utilized pipelines for irrigation applications. PE pipe irrigation systems consist of two separate pipe components: the main supply line and the main pipes in the network are manufactured using high-density polyethylene. The lateral pipes, or branches, are manufactured using low-density polyethylene.Our irrigation pipe products are in compliance with the standard requirements of EN12201, ISO8779, ASTM D2737, and ASTM D3035.
Fields of Application
  • Drip irrigation and sprinkle systems
  • Traveling gun irrigation system
  • Centre-pivot irrigation systems
  • Wheel line irrigation systems

PE Pipes Advantages

Zero-leak, Reliable pipelines: PE pipes are joined using either electro-fusion fittings, or using heat fusion process. In either case, the connection points become stronger than the pipe itself. This design is more reliable and leak-free than the potential leak points every 6 meter in ductile iron pipes.

Flexibility, Lightweight, and easy handling: PE lightweight reduces the logistical and handling costs in comparison with other traditional materials. Flexibility implies excellent performance in areas where the soil is unstable and also in earthquake-prone regions.

Resistance to chemicals and corrosion: PE is the choice in the environments where there is need for protection against corrosive and abrasive attack. PE pipes do not rust and the latest generation of the material has a life expectancy of 100 years.

Installation benefits: PE pipes do not require the special and costly trench bedding that other piping systems such as ductile iron and GRP require. In trenchless and horizontal directional drilling applications, PE is the most used material for pipes.

Cost benefits: Studies have shown that the PE pipe systems have the lowest whole life cost which is summation of the cost of components, cost of installation, and the cost of ownership. For more information on this topic, please visit our technical articles section.

Due to the presence of the vertically integrated petrochemical companies, the price of the PE material in GCC region and Iran is lower on average 10-15% than that of NE Asia and Europe. We have a long-established working relationship with major PE producers of the region, and we pass the price advantage of our raw material to the price of the finished products for the benefit of the end-users. Please contact us for more detail

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